Why I Do This Work

Having spent many years working in larger organizations for relatively wealthy clients I believe that almost everyone can benefit from some degree of financial advice.  With that said, many people don't have access to it because they are not (or not considered) "high net worth" or "affluent".  As a result, they fall outside of the target market for most financial planners/advisors.

I also believe that most of the people offering "financial planning" services are are not well equipped to provide what many people need - holistic financial planning and decision support services.  

Finally, I believe that financial advisors who are able and willing to offer truly holistic advice that helps clients make good financial decisions will be rewarded for their efforts. 

These beliefs have driven the creation of my practice, the kinds of clients I want to work with and the way I configure and price the services I provide.  It's important to me that clients don't need to be super affluent or high net worth to work with me. That's how I keep my values aligned with the work I do!