Fees and Payments

Fees are developed on a case by case basis taking into consideration (among other things) the nature and complexity of the project or service; the timing of the work and the client's level of engagement in the effort.  Fees for "transactional" or limited scope services are usually billed at the start of a project with payment expected before completion.  If our engagement is part of an ongoing "relationship", we'll agree on an annual fee and payments is expected on a monthly basis.     

Limited Relationships

Examples of one time/transactional/limited scope engagements include:

  • Tax return preparation

  • Projections (i.e. "do I have enough money to retire?")

  • Strategy development (i.e. "will you help me develop some strategies to pay down debts?)

Ongoing Relationships

Examples of ongoing relationships include:

  • Open ended tax advisory/planning engagements

  • Financial plan maintenance and updates

  • Accounting/bookkeeping engagements

  • Human resource or business management services

Monthly payments for annual relationships can be as low as $100 per month depending on the specifics of the service package.  Experience has shown that this model is much more manageable for smaller and middle-market clients and encourages them to proactively seek advice (instead of reaching out after the fact or when it's too late to change the outcome!)