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Hello and welcome to my practice.  I am a business adviser with expertise helping organizations and individuals clarify and address their business, human resource, tax and personal financial planning opportunities and challenges. 

I rely on my unique (and somewhat unusual) professional background and life experiences to inform my approach to serving clients.  

One of the concerns I've had throughout my 30+ year career is the narrow focus of financial organizations and professionals on wealthy or high net worth clients.  While understandable, this narrow focus ignores the needs of many.  The need for guidance, advice and coaching for middle income people and organizations is even more pronounced in the aftermath of the great recession!

Meeting the needs of the less-than-high-net-worth is why I launched my practice 15 years ago.  While I'm based in New York, I work with clients across the country (and a few outside the U.S. too).  In addition to working in traditional ways (face-to-face, phone, email) I am comfortable working however my clients need to work.  Some of my clients are self-employed; others own or work for smaller or recently started businesses. They are multi-generational, work in a variety of business sectors and represent a variety of demographic groups.   I doubt I'm your father's CPA since, like my Dad,  many of my clients' fathers probably did not know what a CPA was!  

While my clients are diverse in many ways they all share the desire for customized, actionable and affordable advice and services - and they want to focus on what they do best!

If you've read this far and think we might be a good fit - keep reading - and most importantly send me a note outlining where you need help!